Ambrette Seed Oil

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Ambrette Seed 50 ML

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Ambrette Seed Oil

Botanical Name of Ambrette Seed:  Abelmoschus moschatus

Synonyms:  Abelmosk, Ambrette seeds, Annual hibiscus, Bamia Moschata, Galu Gasturi, Muskdana, Musk mallow,Musk okra, Musk seeds

About Ambrette Seed: Abelmoschus moschatus or Hisbiscus abelmoschus L. is a shrub native to India and most popular for its aroma and therapeutic properties. The fragrance in seeds of this plant is very sweet and flowery, very similar to that of musk. The seed pods of Ambrette are very similar in appearance to Okara and hence it is also referred to as Musk or Ornamental Okara. This plant usually grows between 0.5 meters to 2.5 meters in height and bears yellow and purple colour flowers. Best sowing time for cultivation of Ambrette is in March- April. The crop sown during this time period flowers around September and is ripens during November to January.

History of Ambrette Seed: The origin of Ambrette seeds could be traced back to the Indian Subcontinent from where they reached Middle-East. In this region ambrette seeds are used as a spice and also at times added into coffee to add to its aroma and fragrance. The smell of these seeds is something which we can get closest to that of original Musk. The true musk which is obtained from sexual glands of musk deer is now a banned commodity and hence next best alternative to that is musk fragrance obtained from Ambrette seeds.

Properties of Ambrette Seed Oil: Ambrette seed essential oil is pale yellow in colour and has a warm, sweety, musky aroma with flowery overtones. As the name suggests this oil is extracted from the seeds of Ambrette plant which yields 0.2% to 0.6% of essential oil. The major chemical constituents of this oil include: decyl acetate, geranyl acetone, dodecanyl acetate, catotol, β – asarone, daucol, cis 5 tetradecen 14 olide, musk ambrette, trans farnesyl acetate, etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Ambrette Seed Oil:

Ambrette Seed Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Perfumery Industry: One of the most popular uses of this oil is in the perfumery industry where today it is the prime source and closest to the original musk fragrance. Many leading brands have Ambrette essential oil as one the major activities ingredients in their perfume. Traditionally also this was used as a natural perfume by people of India.  

Aromatherapy: Wonderful sweet musky smell of this essential oil is perfect choice in many aromatherapy preparations and widely used by the experts. It is also recommended to add few drops of this oil in hot bath tub and enjoy benefits of this oil.  

Stomach Cures: Ambrette seed oil is also known as an excellent cure for many ailments related to stomach such as indigestion, acidity, cramps and other stomach disorders.   

Mood Elevator: Any kind of mental fatigue, anxiety, depression or tensions can be relieved by use of this oil. These oil has excellent qualities that induce positive thoughts to your mind and elevates your mood.

Other therapeutic properties of Ambrette Seed Oil that make it useful are: getting rid of travel or motion sickness, headaches, common cold, refresh tired feet, etc.

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Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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