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Amyris Oil

Botanical Name of Amyris: Schimmereliaoleisera

Synonyms: Candle wood

About Amyris: Amyris oil belongs to the Rue Family. It is obtained by steam distillation of the wood from the tree. The wood contains a high level of oil and it is referred to as candle wood because it burns like a candle.

History of Amyris Oil: Amyris comes from the citrus family. Rutaceau is a genius of flowering plant. The Greek meaning of its generic name means intensely scented. It is just like resin which has a very strong odour. Since it is highly flammable wood, it is also known as torch wood.

Amyris oil has not such a historical rich background as other essential oils. This oil was identified in 1986 by Kirby and Homes who did a microscopic evaluation of the amyris leaves. Amyris oil has historically being associated with influenza, diarrhea, child birth recovery, wound cleaners and antiseptic.

Properties of Amyris Oil: Chemical Amyris oil composition which is 95% comprised of 56 constituents. Eudesmol makes up 15.4%, 43.8% is made up by valerianol. Amyris oil is one of the ingredients that give perfumes and skin cleaners a certain aroma. It retains the perfume scent for longer time, thus it is most often used in perfumes as a fixative. It is an alternative to the expensive sandal wood. Thus it is used in cosmetic products and cleaners.

Amyris if used in low concentrations is considered safe. Thus it is used in cosmetics and cleaners product in very low concentrations to make it safe for human skin. It is mostly used in face washes.

Health Benefits and Applications Amyris Oil:

A type of balsam elemi is exuded from the trunk of Amyris species, thus it is used medicinally.

It is also used in lacquers. The wood is also used as torches and fire wood as it burns well. It contains large quantity of resin that allows it to burn brightly. The wood is hard, heavy and can take a high polish that repels dry wood termites.

Amyris Oil because of its wood like, balsamic sweet fragrance allows it to blend with cistus oil, orange oil, lemon oil, aniseed oil, clove oil, cypress oil, frankincense oil, galbanum oil, myrrh oil, cedar wood oil, spruce oil, pine oil, geranium oil and rose absolute oil.

This oil is also used as a mosquito repellent.

Amyris oil has the capacity to allow its scent to last for several months.

This oil possesses flowery or spicy scent that may promote emotional balance.

The scent of the oil is refreshing and mentally stimulating. It helps anchor, middle and top notes for making perfume. Some oils similar to Amyris oil are vetiver oil, juniper oil, pine oil, fir oil, sandal wood oil, patchouli oil, cinnamon oil, cedar wood oil and amber oil. Amyris oil has become famous all over the world.

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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