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Botanical Name of Aniseed: Pimpinella Anisum 

Synonyms: P. officinale and vulgare

About Aniseed: Aniseed or Anise is kind of a flowering plant which belongs to Apiaceae. This plant does not grow very tall and its growth is restricted to 3ft under normal circumstances. This plant bears white coloured flowers and its fruits are oblong dry. These fruits in form of the seedpods are referred to as aniseed.

History of Aniseed Oil: The origin of this plant can be traced back to Mediterranean climate of Middle East. Currently Aniseed is mostly cultivated in the region of Europe, America and Northern African countries. All the ancient civilizations around these regions had discovered the useful properties of aniseed and began to use it in their staple foods. Romans used aniseed in making cakes while the Egyptians used it in making bread. More popularly benefits of aniseed for digestive system are well known and hence now all around the world this natural product is being used in some form or the other.

The oil is extracted from the aniseed by using steam distillation methods. Major commercial products in which Aniseed Oil is currently being used include tooth pastes, mouthwashes and breathe sweeteners.

Properties of Aniseed Oil: the Chemical composition of aniseed oil constitutes combinations of various chemical compounds found naturally in this product.  Some of the major constituents of this oil include: cis-anethole, trans-anethole, anisaldehyde, alpaha pinene, beta pinene, etc. The essential oil content in an aniseed varies according to its variety and geographical location and it may vary from 2 to 7 percent.

Health Benefits and Applications Aniseed Oil:

Culinary Uses – Its distinct flavour and benefits for digestion makes it an ideal constituent of many dishes. All around the world you will find some peculiar dishes which make use of this natural product.

Treatment of Aches – Therapeutic properties in this oil makes it effective in treatment of any kind of muscular aches in our body.

Perfumery raw material – A very distinct and unique smell of aniseed oil makes it useful in developing many fragrances and scents.

Getting rid of hangovers – Aniseed oil is also known to be very effective in getting over with a hangover. One can add few droplets of this oil in their handkerchief and smell it from time to time and can overcome a hangover.

Other Medical properties – Apart from the above mentioned Aniseed oil is also known to cure following medicinal conditions: Asthma & breathing problems, migraine and vertigo, reduce anxiety, whooping cough, indigestion, etc.

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