Balsam Peru Oil

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Balsam Peru

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Balsam Peru Oil

Botanical Name of Balsam Peru:  Myroxylon balsamum pereirae

Synonyms:  Peruvian balsam, Quina or Balsamo

About Balsam Peru: Myroxylon balsamum is a tree which is native to Central America and can grow up to 40 meter in height. The sweet smell of the tree resembles that of vanilla and green olives and thus mainly used flavouring fragrance in many different products. This evergreen tree has 15 cm long leaves which are in combination of 5to 13 leaflets. Its flowers are yellow in colour and seeds are in form of pods which are about 7 to 11 cm long. The trunk and wood part of the tree is dark brown in colour. Major uses of its essential oil are in perfumery, food and pharmaceutical industry.

History of Balsam Peru: The origins of this plant could be traced back to Central America from where it is known to be shipped to Europe. Ports of Lima and Callao in Peru where used to ship it and hence this is how it started being referred to as Peruvian balsam. These exports were in prime during the 17th century and it was the same time when it was also included in the German Pharmacopeia. In today’s modern time El Salvador is the major exporter of this product.

Properties of Balsam Peru Oil: The bark of Balsam Peru tree is scorched and beaten. The exposed wood of the tree is then covered by the rags in which balsam is collected. Later these rags are boiled to obtain the balsam. On an average a single tree are secrete about one kg of balsam in a year’s time. Major chemical constituents of this oil include: cinnamein, benzyl cinnamate, cinnamic acid esters, benzyl alcohol, styrene vanillin, nerolidol, etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Balsam Peru Oil:

Balsam Peru Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Perfumery Industry: Comprising of scent of Vanilla and cinnamon this oil is widely used in perfumery industry to make different popular fragrances.   

Aromatherapy: Various therapeutic properties of this oil make it ideal for many aromatherapy recopies. Many aromatherapy experts make use of this oil aimed for achieving specific results.   

Anti Septic: Balsam Peru Oil is also considered very good for our skin. Its anti septic properties are useful to keep infection away from open wounds and help them heal faster.

Cough Syrups:  Usefulness of Balsam Peru in curing cough is well known and hence many cough syrups available in the market contain this essential oil.

Other therapeutic properties of Balsam Peru Oil that make it useful are: anti inflammatory, good for sore muscles, treats eczema and scabies, anti-bacterial, diuretic, anti-dandruff,  etc.

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Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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