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Bay Leaf

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Botanical Name of Bay Leaf: Laurus nobilis, Lauraceae

Synonyms: Saint Joseph's Wort, Sweet Basil, dhafni, Bay Laurel, Lorbeerblatt

About Bay Leaf: Bay Leaf is an aromatic leaf of pay laurel plant. Both fresh and dried leaves are used for cooking in various cuisines world over. Aromatic levels of dried leaves are much higher than in fresh bay leaves. Three major kind or varieties of Bay Leaves are more popular, these include: California Bay Leaf (California laurel), Indian Bay Leaf (Tejpata or Tamalpatra) and Indonesian Bay Leaf (Salam Leaf).

History of Bay Leaf: The instances of Bay leaf could be found since the very beginning of recorded history. So this perhaps is one of the oldest forms of vegetation which was being used by humans due to various benefits associated with it. Bay Leaves were originally found in Asian Minor region from where they spread to Mediterranean region and other geographies with similar climates.

Bay Leaves came into prominence when Greeks and Romans recognized its importance and wrote about it. It was believed that by chewing Bay leaves or inhaling smoke of dried bay leaves one could experience the situation of trance. Greek lords and heroes even wore wreaths made from these leaves. Even today the Olympics Games are associated with these wreaths made out of bay leaves.

Properties of Bay Leaf Oil: These 6 to 12 cm leaves contains about 1.3% of essential oil in them which could be steamed distilled.  The major chemical components of Bay Leaf Oil comprise of; eucalyptol, terpenes, sesquiterpenes, methyleugenol, alpha and beta pinene, linalool etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Bay Leaf Oil:

Culinary Usage: One of the very basic usages of Bay Leaves if in cooking. Different cuisines around the world find use Bay Leaves in many different ways. Some of the major dishes where Bay leaves find there usage include soups, sauces, stews, daubes and seasoning of fish, meat and poultry products.

Cosmetic Use – Due to its unique aroma and skincare properties Bay leaf oil find applications in number of cosmetic preparation. Some of the widely used products which have Bay Leaf oil include perfumery products.

It acts as a fragrance in various skincare products.

It is also used in many room freshening sprays as its smell is pleasing and provides relaxation to human mind.

It is widely used as bathing oil and added in the water along with few other essential oils to have a refreshing bath.

Bay Leaf oil is also used as massage oil as it works well for your skin and improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Bay Leaf oil is also known to treat many other alignments according to traditional medical recopies. The alignments include: high blood sugar levels, bacterial and fungal infections and gastric ulcers.

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