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Botanical Name of Bergamot: Citrus bergamia

Synonyms: Bergamot orange, Citrus aurantium var. Bergamia, C. Bergamia, oleum bergamotte

About Bergamot: Bergamot Oil is obtained from the fruit of bergamot tree which is more or less similar to size of an orange. Bergamot oil is best known for its sweet smell which most enticing and uplifting aroma. This oil is usually obtained by cold pressing outer peels of bergamot oranges. Typical height of a bergamot tree would be around 14 feet and it would blossom in winters. The juice of this fruit is quite sour and tastes like lemon.

History of Bergamot: This tree historically has been native of South-East Asian region, but has lately flourished lately in the European region of Italy. Along with Italy it is also found in North African regions covering Ivory Coast, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria. Most of the production of Bergamot Oil comes from one particular territory in Italy known as ‘Reggio Calabria’. Even the name Bergamot is derived from an Italian city called ‘Bergamo’ which is located in Lombardy.

From very early days Bergamot oil is being used as perfume due to its refreshing fragrance. Combined with few other essential oil Bergamot is the main ingredient of the famous Eau-de-Cologne fragrance. In the olden days it was also known to be used to flavour green tea.

Properties of Bergamot Oil: The peel or rind of the bergamot orange is used to extract the essential oil from it. On an average yield of extraction would be around 0.5%. Bergamot Oil is a unique mixture of about 300 natural compounds. The two major compounds present in this Oil are linalyl acetate and linalool. Both these combines are form up to 80% of the total compounds present in this oil. Other minor chemical constitutes include: alpha pinene, myrcene, limonene, nerol, neryl acetate etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Bergamot Oil:

Culinary Usage: Bergamot oil has one of the most unique flavour and essence. Due to this fact it is widely used in many different preparations. European Confectioneries preparations mostly use this oil, especially in Italian region. Along with Italy, many food preparations in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus also commonly use Bergamot Oil.

Cosmetic Use: Due to its refreshing nature and cooling effect this oil also forms its use as a major active ingredient in many different cosmetic formulations. Few of the cosmetic products where Bergamot oil is used include:

Perfumery products (major component of Eau-de-cologne). One third of all men’s perfumes and about half of women’s perfumes contain this essential oil.

It clams inflated skin and thus used in lotions and creams to treat psoriasis.

Bergamot oil also has psoralen which controls the damage caused by Sun burns hence it is widely used tanning accelerators and sunscreens. It also provides protection against harmful UV rays.

Aromatherapy – The refreshing powers of Bergamot Oil are known to treat stress, tension and depression.

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