Black Pepper Oil

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Black Pepper

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Botanical Name of Black Pepper: Piper nigrum

Synonyms: Fulful, Filfil, Hu jiao, Pfeffer, Prik thai, Karabiber

About Plack Pepper: Black pepper is one of most traded spices in the world. It is basically dried fruit of the black pepper plant (peiper nigrum). This dried fruit is called peppercorns and is of approximately 5mm in its size. Most of the requirement of Black pepper is for cooking and is found almost of very dining table in the world. Black Pepper oil is steamed distilled from crushed black peppers which gives a yield of about 1 to2.5 percentage. The Oil has a warming, dry and pepper like aroma.

History of Black Pepper: The instances of Black pepper could be recollected since the time history has been recorded. Such was the importance of this spice that it also came into be used as a form of currency. It was also traded on different commodity exchange with gold and not only that it was priced much more than Gold at that time. This plant is native to India and even its name has been derived from a Sanskrit word ‘peppali’. Romans were using something similar to black pepper and referred to it just “pipper”.

It was around 16th century Europeans started trading in pepper from India. Malabar region in India is the biggest producer of black pepper in the world. Due to Portuguese influence in India around that time this spice also begin to be grown in regions of Indonesia, Madagascar, and Malaysia.

Properties of Black Pepper Oil: The major chemical constituents of Black pepper essential oil include: Limonene, Linalol, Myrcene, Beta Bisabolene, Beta Caryophyllene, Alpha Terminiol, Camphene, Alpha terpentene, etc. Along with these chemical compounds there are also many important minerals and vitamins which are there in Black pepper, these include: Vitamin K, Iron, Manganese, Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Selenium.

Health Benefits and Applications Black Pepper Oil:

Helps in Digestion: It is not without some important reason that Black peppers are used in so many different dishes all round the world. The main benefit from Black peppers is that they stimulate the entire digestive system promoting better digestion of our food. Any existing problems related to digestion can also be cured by this spice.

Carminative: Further related to digestion this spice and its essential oil help removal and reduction in formation of gas in our digestive track. It cracks down on bacteria which are responsible for formation of this gas.

Cure infections in Digestive track – Black pepper oil has mild purgative properties which help to cure any infections in digestive tracks.

Anti Arthritic – This oil has properties which help to remove toxins from our blood and keeps blood urea levels in control giving relief to people suffering from arthritis and grout.

Other benefits of Black Pepper Oil – Black Pepper Oil is also has following properties which can help in curing many different alignments: Anti Spasmodic, Anti Rheumatic, Diuretic, Anti Oxidant, Anti Bacterial, etc.

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