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Cajeput Oil

Botanical Name of Cajeput: Melaleuca cajaputi 

Synonyms: Melaleuca leucadendra, Melaleuca minor-leucadendron

About Cajeput: Cajeput Oil is obtained from the distillation of leaves of the cajeput tree. The leaves of this tree are collected and left overnight for fermentation before putting them to process of steam distillation. These trees can be found mostly in Malay region (Malaysia) or in hotter part past Australia. This oil seems to have mixed characteristics of Tree Tea and Eucalyptus.

History of Cajeput: Cajeput has been traditionally been used in Malaysia and Indonesia for its therapeutic properties.  It has been mainly known for its ability to treat colds, flus and chronic rheumatism. Cajeput has stood tall and is a time tested remedy for respiratory and sinus related infections since thousands of years. In appearance this is a small tree more similar to a bush and more popularly cultivated in Molucca Islands of Indonesia. Cajeput Oil today has a demand which is spread world over.

Properties of Cajeput Oil: The major chemical constituents of Cajeput Oil Include: Cineol, Terpoineol, pinene, eucalyptol, nerolidol, etc. All these constituents’ combined give a unique property to cajeput oil which helps to increase resistance from various infections.

Health Benefits and Applications Cajeput Oil:

Stopped or infectious sinus: Cajeput oil is well known remedy for stopped sinus or to treat infection in sinus. It is also used  an important active ingredient in many popular brands of ointments and balms used to provide relief for sinus related problems.

Problems related to respiratory track: Cajeput oil is also time tested remedy for various alignments related to respiratory track, these include: flue, tightness in chest, sore throat, ear infections, laryngitis and mild fever.

Tooth related Aches and pains – Cajeput oil can bring immediate relief from tooth related aches. Few drops of this essential oil put on cotton can be applied directly on the gum and cheek near the paining tooth to bring relief.

Tissue build up in form of External Sores and abscesses – It can help in healing the tissues which are turned pink as a result of sores or abscesses.

Other benefits of Cajeput Oil – Cajeput Oil can also be used to bring relief from following alignments: Boils & Carbuncles, ordinary cuts and scrapes, swelling around finger or toe, ringworm or external fungus infections, head lice, scabies, erosion of cervix, Impatigo etc.

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Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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