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Calamus oil

Botanical Name of Calamus: Acorus calamus

Synonyms: Sweet Flag, Calamus, Haimavati, Vasa Bach, Vekhand

About Calamus: Calamus is a plant from Acoraceae family and has tall scented leaves which are used for both its fragrance and its medical benefits. The sword shaped leaves of Calamus on an average are 1 cm wide with a single prominent mid vein running through it. The flowers of Calamus plant are between 3 to 4mm in size and are greenish-yellow in colour. This plant grows on the margins of streams and lakes.

History of Calamus: There are not much known historical facts about Calamus. Whether Clamus was used in ancient Egypt as aphrodisiac incense can still not historically verified. However in modern history and even today It finds it use in Egypt as an aphrodisiac incense. In Italy this plant was referred as ‘The Plant of Venus’. The most authentic historically mentions of calamus could be found in a Chinese song book named ‘Shih Ching’.

This Plant has been native of Indian or Arabian region and moved from here to different parts of the world. The regions where calamus is currently cultivated include: India, China, Indonesia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Japan, Australia, Southern Canada, Northern United States and across European continent.

Properties of Calamus Oil: Asarone is the main chemical constituent in both triploid and tetraploid Calamus. Other constituents include Beta asarone, and eugenol. This Oil is also recognized as a herbal medicine worldwide and has been included in United States and British Pharmacopoeias.

Health Benefits and Applications Calamus Oil:

Clamus Oil is regarded as a good aromatic stimulant and tonic to treat nervous system.  Some of its important uses include:

Perfumery Industry: The captivating Aroma of Calamus oil makes if an excellent aromatic stimulant and is widely used by Perfumery industry world over. 

Use as an Ayurvedic Medicine: Calamus Oil has been traditionally used is number of Ayurvedic medicines. However its most important use has been to counter side effects of hallucinogens.

Treatment for Nervous disorders – Calamus Essential Oil has been effectively used in treatment many different kinds of nervous disorders, vertigo and headaches.

Treatment for Digestive disorders – Calamus Essential oil has been known to treat even the chronic digestive disorders. It directly affects the bacteria causing trouble in the digestive system giving instant relief.

Other benefits of Calamus Oil – Clamus Oil is also being for following: Fragrance in soaps and other cosmetic products, sexual well being, works as a strong antioxidant, antimicrobial, insecticide, anti-obesity medicines, etc.

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