Caraway oil

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Caraway oil

Botanical Name of Caraway: Carum carvi

Synonyms: Meadow cumin, Kümmel, karon , Apium Carvi

About Caraway: Caraway plant is very similar to a carrot plant and is mainly found in Asia, Europe and Northern African region. Caraway bears white or pink colour flowers and crescent shaped 2mm long fruits. Caraway Oil is best known to effect emotional and mental well being. It has a very sweet spicy odour with a hint of peppery smell. Dried ripe seeds of caraway are steamed distilled to obtain caraway essential oil. The yield in these seeds is between 2 to 8 percentages.

History of Caraway: Caraway plant is known to be originated in Asia Minor region and from here spread to Europe, Africa and Russia. Its use has been recorded way back since Stone Age where Egyptians used it to flavour their food. Romans were known to use caraway in bread making while Germans also used caraway in their cuisine. Around that time Caraway was best known for improving eyesight and as mouth freshener.

Properties of Caraway Oil: The major chemical Constituents of Caraway oil include: Acetaldehyde, Cumuninic aldehyde, furfurol, carvone and Limonene. Due to this unique combination of chemical compounds Caraway is beneficial is treating a large number of disorders.

Health Benefits and Applications Caraway Oil:

Caraway Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Benefits on Nervous System: Caraway Oil is well known to have calming effect on our nervous system. It is used in many massage oil and therapies which are aimed to provide relief from tension and mental fatigue. It soothes the nerves and provides a feeling of relaxation.

Benefits on Respiratory Track: Benefits of caraway oil in treating ailments related respiratory track are also well known. Bronchitis, Asthma, coughs, sore throats and other infections in the respiratory track can be cured using this essential oil.

Helpful for nursing mothers – Caraway essential oil is known to increase the quantity of milk in nursing mothers. In general for females this oil is also effective in relieving period pains.

Skin Care - .Caraway Oil is also effective in regeneration of skin tissue and useful for dry skins, boils and cleaning wounds. It also brings relief from skin itching, acne and other scalp related problems.

Other benefits – Caraway Oil is also being used to treat the following: colic, flatulence, gastric spasms, skin ageing, obstructed urination, constipation, depression, back ache, tooth ache, gout, vision loss, hair loss, loss of memory, etc.

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