Cashew Nut Oil

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Cashew Nut

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Cashew Nut Oil

Botanical Name of Cashew Oil: Anacardium Occidentale

Synonyms: Chestnut, Cob, Brazil nut

About Cashew:  The Cashew tree is a close relative of Poison oak, poison ivy, pistachio and mango. The tree is a native of Brazil. The cashew shell oil is considered to be toxic but it is useful in fighting dental cavities. The oil is also used to treat wood as it prevents termite attack. It is used as an additive to brake fluid. It reduces brake lining wear and brake fade.  It is used as a resin for carbon composite products.

Though it is a native of Brazil, the other countries that grow and export cashew include Kenya, Tanzia, Mozanbique, Nigeria, West Indies, Venezuela, Guatmala, Columbia, Thailand and Phillippines. USA is the largest importer of Cashew nuts.

History of Cashew Oil:  It is a native tree of Peru and Brazil from where the Portuguese explorers took it to the rest of the world in the 1600s. The name cashew is derived from the Portuguese name caju that further originates from the word acaju which is a tupi-Indian word. In Latin America it is known by the name maramon and in Venezuela as Merey. Today cashew is grown a lot in Goa because the Portuguese ruled there.

Properties of Cashew Oil: The oil contains essential minerals and fatty acids. It is rich in Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Iron, Potassium, Carbohydrates protein, vitamin B fibre, Phosphorus, Magnesium. It has various uses. It is used in making juices, marmalade, jam and candy as the cashew apple is extremely rich in vitamin C. The oil has been used in treating skin infection such as psoriasis, ring worm, warts, sores and survy. It is also used as an adhesive and for water proofing.  It is applied to metal as an anti-corrosive agent. It is sometime used in book binding and also in preserving and cooking foods.

Health Benefits and Applications Cashew Oil:

As compared to other nuts, cashew is richer in oleic acid, which is a mono saturated fat that promotes cardio vascular health. It is cholesterol free. The magnesium in cashews lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart attack.

Being rich in the mineral copper, it is use to give hair and skin its colour. 
Cashews are very good for the bones. They are vital for the function of enzymes that combine elastin and collagen to provide flexibility and substances in joints and bones.

As cashew contains less fat, they are high in dietary fibre and dense in energy. They are very valuable snack to manage weight gain.

It is proven that women who eat cashew in small quantities regularly are at a lower risk of developing gallstones.

It is a good care taker of the nerves as it is rich in magnesium. It reduces the stress of the nerves and thereby your muscles, blood vessels are also relaxed and your body remain stress free.

Finally cashews have the capability to starve tumours and stop cancer cells from dividing as they are ripe with a class of flavones, proanthocyanidins. 

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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