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Croton Oil

Botanical Name of Croton Oil: Tiglium Linn

Synonyms: Crotonis oleum

About Croton: This oil is prepared from the seeds of croton tiglium. This tree belongs to the family of euphorbiaceous and is a native of Malay Archipelago and India. It is also used in Chinese medicine and as an ingredient in some liniments.

History of Croton Oil: This oil is the source of the organic compound phorbol. It is very irritating and painful, thus it is used in laboratory to study immunology, anti-inflammatory and pain relieving drugs. It is effective for production of bio-diesel. In the late 16 century the ancient Chinese used croton oil as a medicine. It was used as a counter irritant and a purgative. As it has powerful toxic effects, it was not given much importance.

In the 1920’s phenol-croton coil peels became a popular skin care fad. Today it is used as an ingredient in certain skin peel treatment. During World War II, croton oil was added in small amounts to the neutral grain spirits that powered torpedoes.

Properties of Croton Oil:  Croton oil is used as a purgative to treat constipation. The oil is strong enough to cause bowel movements within 1 or 2 hours. If taken in a larger dose it may lead to diarrhoea. This oil also functions as a counter irritant, a substance aimed at inflaming one area of the body to reduce inflammation in another area. It is used in illnesses such as glandular swelling bronchitis and rheumatism. It also has been used as a liniment.

Because it is toxic in nature it is administered in doses of 1 or 2 drops. Even if an extra drop is dropped on the skin it can cause lesions. An over dose can be fatal. Pregnant women and children should avoid treatment with croton oil. Today researchers have found that croton oil is a potential treatment against prostate cancer in mice.

Health Benefits and Applications Croton Oil:

It keeps your body healthy and prevents you from becoming obese
Croton oil can help in skin diseases and irritation if the application is in the required dosage. Make sure the patient does not have very sensitive skin. If diluted and used it may not give side effect.
It is beneficial for those suffering from constipation, but in this case too, the dosage should be in the very minimum. If the dosage is more then it may result in reverse effects.
Croton oil is used as an antidote to Rhus. The croton twig is closely related in its vesicular eruption to the Rhus family.
It is used when there are eruptions in the eyes and the scalp. This will act as an anti-tone.
It is used for troublesome eczema of the scalp in infants, either purely vesicular or intermingled more or less with pustules.
Croton oil is used in conjunction with phenol solutions. It results in an intense reaction which leads to initial skin sloughing and then eventually the skin starts regenerating.

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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