Fennel Oleoresin

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Fennel Oleoresin

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Fennel Oleoresin

Botanical: Foeniculum vulgare Miller Family Apiaceae

In terms of equivalence: A kilo of oleoresin of fennel will replace about 15 Kg of fennel seeds

Color: Green Liquid

Aroma & Flavor: Strong Fennel odor and taste

It is Perennial herb (in the form vegetables, the plant is pulled to 2 years), 1 to 2 meters high, all parties are fragrant (similar to anise). White root & Swivel, Very tender stems before flowers, very sweet, solid and striped Leaves cut into filiform segments, alternate, Flowers are small, yellow petals rolled inwards, clustered in compound umbels appear in summer in the second year.

Fruits: Seeds 5-10mm long, greenish yellow, with five ribs, flavored with anise close but also camphor. The seedlings are then cleared up as an extent for very white and tender bulbs.

Originally Mediterranean, fennel is very experienced by early Chinese and Indian civilization. it is everywhere known as a vegetable and aromatic seeds and beneficial.

This wild plant grown on the slopes of the south and west of France, named 'Fennel' foeniculum from Latin, the Roman name of the plant, which means little hay. This is certainly an allusion to the delicacy of its plant.

It is used either as a vegetable anise is used when the potato or bulb, or as a herb: leaves, seeds and even the stems dried flavor many dishes. Leaves for soups, salads, braised vegetables are part of their typical applications, the rods can be found in the famous sea bass with fennel, traditional recipe from Provence. For seeds is especially Asian cuisine that use it in the Chinese five spices in panch phoron the (Bengal), in many masala and Indian bread (naan)

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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