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Galangal Oil

Botanical Name of Galangal:  Alpinia galanga (Linn) Willd

Synonyms: galanga, blue ginger, laos

About Galangal: Glangal is referred to rhizome of ‘alpinia galanga’ plant which has originated in Indonesia and best known for its culinary and medicinal usage. Galangal is very popular in various south-east Asian cuisines (especially Thai, Indonesian and Vietnam) and is thought to be related to ginger in many ways. On an average galangal plant reaches a height of about 2 meters and bears fruits which are about 13mm long with 3 to 6 seeds inside them. The leaves of this plant resemble a blade and are roughly about 50 cms long and 9 cms wide. The colour of flowers would be greenish white to dark red.

History of Galangal: There have been many historical evidences which have traced used of galangal in China and Europe long ago. The word ‘galangal’ is believed to be derived from an Arabic word ‘khlanjan’ which further is an adaptation of Chinese word ‘Liangtiang’ which means ‘mild ginger’. The samples of galangal found in China date back the use of galangal there to at least 900 years back.

Galangal also found its way into the Indian subcontinent through South-East Asia and started being cultivated here. Other countries where galangal is being cultivated today include: Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Philippines.  

Properties of Galangal Oil: Galangal essential Oil is obtained from steam distillation of dried rhizome of galangal. The colour of this oil is pale yellow to olive brown. The major chemical constituents of galangal essential oil include: methyl cinnamate, cineol, camphor, d-pinene, etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Galangal Oil:

Galangal Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Cooking: Galangal finds its use in oriental cooking. Number of sauces which are used in South-East Asia use galangal as an active ingredient. At times it is also being used as a spice or a substitute of ginger. In Malaysia it is used as a substitute of cardamoms.

Skin Care: Traditionally Galangal is being used to treat number of skin related ailments at it has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

Carminative: Galangal is remedy to accumulated gas inside the body and even prevents further formation of gases.

Natural deodorant: It also acts as an natural body deodorant which keeps the bad smells away from your body and gives a fresh feeling.

Digestive: Galangal is also considered to be digestive which boots overall digestive system of our body.

Other therapeutic properties of Galangal Oil which make it useful are; – aromatic stimulant, flatulence, rheumatism, dyspepsia, catarrh, etc.

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Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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