Helichrysum Oil

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Helichrysum Oil

Botanical Name of Helichrysum:   Helichrysum italicum

Synonyms:  synonym Immortelle 

About Helichrysum: Helichrysum is a shrub which is native to the Mediterranean region and dwells on dry, stony and sandy areas of this region. This plant grows up to 24 inches in height and bears yellow flowers (very similar to daisies) which are the main source of its essential oil that is best known for its therapeutic properties especially anti inflammatory and anti allergic. Europe is considered to be the region where most of the Helichrysum essential oil is originated from and then used all around the world. This Oil (Helichrysum angustifolium italicum) is also preferred choice for various aromatherapy experts.

History of Helichrysum: Regions covering Italy, France and Spain are the prime sources of Helichrysum traditionally. Treating coughs, colds, asthma with use of this essential oil has been quite common in the European history. It was from here that use of this oil spread to parts of Mediterranean and North Africa. In the modern times various studies have been conducted on this oil which has empirically proven its effectiveness in treating many ailments.  

Properties of Helichrysum Oil: This extract is obtained from fresh and dried flowers of Helichrysum through steam distillation process. The oil has sweet fragrance, similar to that of honey and is usually coloured pale yellow (sometimes has red tints). The major chemical constituents this essential oil include: alpha pinene, beta pinene, limonene, 1,8 cineole, linalool, camphene, myrcene, nerol, eugenol, terpinene-4-ol, neryl acetate, italidone , etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Helichrysum Oil:

Helichrysum Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Anti Spasmodic: This essential oil has the ability to control the unwanted and excessive contractions in the body muscles. As a result of this function it is very effective in treating coughs, breathlessness. Convulsions, cramps, etc.

Anti Coagulant: Thickening of blood due to high cholesterol levels could be controlled by using Helichrysum essential oil. It has an immediate effect in thinning the blood which can be live saving.

Anti Allergenic: Few people know the external symptoms of allergies are only reflection of something which is going wrong inside our body. This essential oil has the ability to bring relief to extreme allergic reactions and buy you time to get medical attention.

Anti microbial:  Any unwanted microbial growth and infections could be kept in control by use of this essential oil.

Anti Septic: This is another property of Helichrysum which is very useful as it proptects the wounds against septic and help them heal faster and better.

Other therapeutic properties of Helichrysum Oil that make it useful are: Anti Haematoma, Anti Phlogistic, Anti inflammatory, Anti tussive, Nervine, Cicatrisant, Expectorant, Febrifuge, Fungicidal, Hepatic, Diuretic, Splenic, Cytophylatic, etc.

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Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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