Jasmine Grandiflorum

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Jasmine Grandiflorum

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Jasmine Grandiflorum

Jasmine is a dicotyledonous plant which belongs to the genus Jasminum and the family Oleaceae. Its flowers are white. Jasmine comes in different species, but the Jasminum grandiflorum is the most commonly used

Jasmine and oil is one of the most familiar and popular. It is also one of the most expensive because of the large number of flowers needed to produce one ounce of this powerful odor. This essential oil is very aromatic and very concentrated. It symbolizes purity, the sweetness of life and tolerance

Jasmine is with the rose, in terms of species and heady scent, one of the queens of flowers perfume. Its name comes from Arabic Yasamin, itself borrowed from Persian. The flower usually white or yellow grows on a shrub belonging to the Oleaceae family, mainly grown in China, including many species originate

In a pure white, this small and delicate single flower is fraught with many meanings. The term itself is suggestive because "yas" means despair in Arabic and "min" lie. This translation does not seem appropriate to the beauty of the flower and yet ... The smell of jasmine is so delicate that it hides all the other flavors. 

Jasmine tea is used to treat headaches and coughing. It has sedative properties, facilitates blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. It is often associated with green tea which is rich in antioxidant and facilitates weight loss through its draining effect and burns fat.

Jasmine essential oil has its origins in Egypt and India. It is composed mainly of terpene esters, including benzyl acetate, the methyl jasmonate and benzyl benzoate.It also consists of diterpene alcohol, eugenol, linalool and geraniol. For the essential oil of jasmine, proceed to an alcoholic extraction of the flowers of the plant. For 1 kg of essential oil, 1500 kg of jasmine flowers are needed. After extraction, the oil is dark red in color and acquires an intense floral fragrance full of exotic and heat, this pleasant scent, the use of in perfumery.

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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