Jasmine Sambac

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Jasmine Sambac

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Jasmine Sambac – this verity of jasmine is found in India

Flowering jasmine start begins in the month of May. The white flowers are tube-shaped long and narrow, ending in a flared corolla abruptly and cut into lobes.

For a kilo of absolute essence of jasmine sambac, collect about seven million flowers. In other words, natural jasmine sambac is expensive, reserved for luxury fragrance only

Note that there are several varieties of jasmine of Madeira, the Arabian jasmine, jasmine grandiflorum, jasmine yellow Italy, primrose jasmine, jasmine-wing yellow and winter jasmine. While jasmine is a plant with a great vitality, culture and successful cuttings requires a particular arrangement for the shrub can withstand the weather. In addition, various special cares will also perform regularly.

In China it is sometimes used to flavor tea. But the tree was also adapted in Mediterranean Europe, Jasmine is commonly referred to Spain, and the town of Grasse, since the mid-seventeenth century, embarked on the cultivation of jasmine. 

Planting jasmine in spring practice either potted or planted outside in gardens. Its soil is rich enough but it will grow well on land containing limestone. However, the jasmine is a plant east; it will have sufficient moisture to grow well. In addition, it will be placed in a little windy and always sunny. The technique used will be planting the cuttings or layering. The latter method involves isolating a rod of sufficient length belonging to the mother plant. The stem or branch should touch the ground, it will be peeled at its end and the notch obtained will be painted with rooting. The notched rod to be buried and regularly watered until it takes root. 

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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