Laurel Berry Oil

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Laurel Berry

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The Laurel Berry oil is an extract derived from the Laurel Berry. This is an evergreen tree which has its origins in countries of the eastern Mediterranean. The tree or shrub is not very impressive to look at, being very small. The tree is cultivated for wood for making wine plant supports and fencing posts.


Since thousands of years this leaf has been used in many households mainly as a herb for various purposes, differing from one region to another. The origin of this oil is known to be in Spain. However since the recent times it is being used for culinary purposes. The oil is pure and natural. Storing this oil is not at all difficult.

Cinannamomum is available in around 250 different species of which a part is cassia, camphor and cinnamon. This in particular should not be confused with the Laurel Leaf. Claims are being made by a particular Indian company that essential Laurel Berry oil belongs to the family of Boraginaceae but this seems doubtful.


On the nervous system the effects that are quite strong. It helps in the treatment of psychosis, neuritis, fear and anxiety since it has sedative properties too. It is narcotic to a mild extent and hence is considered to have properties that are analgesic and antispasmodic in nature. It helps to bring confidence, awareness as well as courage in individuals due to its warming and stimulating properties. It is able to blend perfectly with Juniper Berry, Bay Leaf, Hyssop, Citrus oils, Cypress and Clary Sage. Features of Laurel Berry Oil include

  • Stringent and strong aromatic strength 
  • Colour - a pale yellowish green
  • Consistency - light
  • Excellent for treating stomach ailments

How It Works

It reaches maturity after five years and every season produces around five kilos of leaves from which essential oil can be extracted. As the name oil of romance suggests, it is popularly used in making blends for attraction and love potions.

The oil has a nice warm, sweet, aromatic, camphor-like spicy aroma medicinal door that is pleasant and seems medicinally fresh. It serves best in repelling insects and can be used as effective spice oil. It is good in treating infections of the viral kind, appetite loss, stomach problems, menstrual problems and improper digestion.

How It Is Used

To extract the oil, the steam distillation method is used. Besides being used as aromatic oil it is also used as a repellent for insects, cooking oil in India and also as spice oil.  Laurel Berry oil is used in the making of massage oil, soaps and shampoos.


The only caution is that though it is non irritant and non toxic oil it could cause dermatitis in some people. It has to be used in moderate quantities since it is narcotic in nature. Pregnant women are advised to refrain from it. The oil is used on a large scale in aroma therapy for its ability to address abdominal ailments.

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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