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Lemon Balm

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Lemon Balm Oil

Botanical Name of Lemon Balm:  Melissa officinalis

Synonyms: Melissa oil, Melissa essential oil, lemon balm,

About Lemon Balm: Melissa officinalis is an herb native to southern Europe and Mediterranean region. This plant grows up to 150 cms. in height and has gentle lemon scent in its leaves. During summer season small white flowers blossoms on this plant attracting honey bees. Melissa is the Greek name for honey bees and it is from there this plant derives its name. The plant is widely used for cooking and for its therapeutic properties.

History of Lemon Balm: History of Lemon Balm dates at least 2000 years back when it was used to reduce fever, induce sweating and treat various other ailments as part of traditional medicinal theories. In Medieval period tea made from Lemon Balm became very popular in Europe as it was being used to treat disorders related to nervous system. It was also considered effective remedy to treat insomnia. Still after thousands of year lemon balm is used in many traditional and non-traditional medicine forms and know to be effective in treating various ailments.

Properties of Lemon Balm Oil: This citrus smelling oil which is pale yellow in colour is obtained from steam distillation of fresh flower tops, leaves and stems of Lemon Balm plant. The average yield of oil is about 0.01% to 0.2%. The chief chemical constituents of Lemon Balm essential oil include: trans ocimene, cis ocimene, 3 octanone, linalool, gernayl acetate, cis 3 hexanol, geraniol, geranial, copaene, neral, cadinene, nerol, etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Lemon Balm Oil:

Lemon Balm Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Effect on Nervous System: It is a well known mood lifter and has been used as an anti depressant since ages. It calms the nervous system down and provides relief from any tension or depression.

Cordial: Lemon Balm essential oil is considered quite warm oil which gives a feeling of warmth. This warmth is considered to be very useful in proper functioning of respiratory system and cardio-vascular system.

Nervine: Lemon Balm is considered to be a tonic for nervous system which keeps it in best of the shape and induces proper functioning.

Sedative: It works wonder at time of any trauma, shock, nervousness and calms down the mind.

Anti-bacterial: Any bacterial infections in in our body could be effectively treated by using Lemon Balm oil.

Other therapeutic properties of Lemon Balm Oil that make it useful are; emenagogue, Stomachic, anti spasmodic, carminative, febrifuge, hypotensive, etc.

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Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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