Mace Oil

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Mace Oil

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Mace essential oil has a precedence of a long history of medical use. This great herb has been hidden from the eyes of human beings. Mace is abundantly seen in East Indonesia on the Spice Islands. The other countries where mace is grown are Grenada, Sri Lanka, Trinidad, China and India. The flavor of mace oil is similar to that of nutmeg. It comes from the nutmeg tree and their medicinal properties are similar.


It is believed that mace oil became popular in the 3rd or 4th centuries much after the nutmeg. But this is true only for European countries. In India this was used in cooking and as medicines for many centuries. The Arabs had also discovered the value of nutmeg and mace and started trading the spices with the Europeans. There was a time when it became as precious as gold. Slowly it was accepted in the European countries and they found out many more usages of mace. The Indians used it to cure respiratory tract infections and heart issues. They still use this oil as a sedative.


Mace essential oil has a stimulating effect on the abdomen. It increases appetite and reduces nausea, vomiting and diarrhea. It is a very effective remedy for gastroenteritis.  This oil in the aroma form acts as de-stress agent. It has been termed as an aphrodisiac. This oil cures severe migraine attacks, and tension. It helps also in regulating hypertension.

How It Works

Mace is the vein-like fine threads that cover the nut. This is carefully removed after harvest, then washed and dried. Then they are chopped or ground to be used for various purposes. Mace oil has the scent of nutmeg. The main constituents have analgesic properties - myristicin, elemicin and isoelimicin. 

How It Is Used

Some unique uses of mace oil

  • Used in alcohol based drinks and wines
  • As magical medicine in the 20th century in England
  • Used in gambling because it was believed to be lucky.


Both oil and oleoresins are used in the food and beverages industries. Mace oil is used in cosmetics due to its aromatic properties. 


Mace contains myristicin, which can cause drowsiness. Mace oil is potent sleep promoter if taken in correct quantities. Better to ask the experts about the dosage before consuming it. Mace oil acts as a good sedative and is also known to be hypnotic. For the same reason it should be taken with precaution. This oil induces sleep. The body and mind will be relaxed, if you use this oil. Mace oil is the best cure for insomnia. The tendency to get addicted is there so be warned.

With so many benefits and uses of Mace being listed it is only fitting to use it as medicines or in preparation of food. Some suggest that to have a nutmeg tree in the backyard can be a sure way to benefit from mace. One way or the other this popular aromatic oil is reaching households across the globe. 

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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