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Mandarin Oil

Botanical Name :  Citrus reticulata

Synonyms:  Citrus nobilis, madurensis, unshiu, deliciosa, mandarin orange

About Mandarin: Mandarin is a small tree which bears orange like citrus fruit that are mostly used in salads or eaten in their natural state. This tree can be grown in tropical and sub tropical climates and can be damaged by cold. As a fruit mandarin can be easily peeled with fingers and its bright orange outer covering be removed. Inside the fruit in divided into various segments which make it convenient to eat. It Chinese culture mandarins are also considered to bring good fortune and gifted to near and dear ones on special occasions.

History of Mandarin: Traditionally Mandarin has been widely used by both Chinese and Indian ancient medicinal forms to treat various ailments. This fruit is considered to be the native of South-East Asia and Philippines. It is also known to be grown in Japan and India along with China (which is the major producer and supplier of mandarins in the world). Mandarins were imported from China and planted in New Orleans sometime around mid 19th century which was its first base on American soil. Gradually it was spread to Florida and California. Today commercial cultivation Mandarins in America is mostly done in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia and California.

Properties of Mandarin Oil: Mandarin essential oil is obtained by cold pressing of peels of Citrus reticulate. The major chemical constituents of this essential oil include: alpha pinene, camphene, nerol, geranial, linalool, beta pinene, apha thujone, sabinene, myrcene, limonene, citronellal, etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Mandarin Oil:

Mandarin Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Anti Septic: Mandarin essential oil works wonder for wounds and protects them from bacterial, fungal or viral infections. Treatment of wounds becomes simple by use of this essential oil.
Anti Spasmodic: Problems related cough, congestion, breathing troubles, cramps and muscle pulls can be effectively treated using Mandarin essential oil. It is also helpful in treating spasm in digestive system.
Circulatory: Another important property of Mandarin oil which makes is valuable is its ability blood circulation in our body. Improved blood circulation leads to healthy skin and gives relief from arthritis.
Cytophylactic: This means this oil has properties through which it can promote the growth of new cells and tissues so that any wear and tear on the skin gets healed up quickly.
Depurative: It is also known to have properties through which blood can be purified and toxin levels could be maintained at minimum.
Other therapeutic properties of Mandarin Oil that make it useful are; digestive, hepatic, relaxant, sedative, stomachic, tonic, removal of scars or stretch marks,  etc.

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Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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