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Marjoram Oil

Botanical Name of Marjoram:  Origanum marjorana

Synonyms:  Origanum hortensis, Sweet Marjorana

About Marjoram: Marjoram is a perennial herb (height usually between 30 to 60 cms) which is sensitive to cold and hence grows in the Mediterranean and Middle East regions. This plant derives its name from a Latin word ‘maior’ which means ‘major’. The major use of Marjoram plant is for its aromatic leaves which are widely used for culinary applications. Marjoram plant and its essential oil have also been used for many therapeutic applications world over and provide an alternative from standard allopathic medications in various ailments.

History of Marjoram: Traditionally Marjoram has been used a kitchen herb. Popularly known as ‘oras-ganos’ in Greece, it means mountain of joy. The trueness in this name could be confirmed when one sees mountain slopes in Greece covered with wild marjoram or oregano. The smell of this herb is also known to be considered as a symbol of luck. These plants have also been found in many Tombs as they were placed there to give rest to haunted spirits. Greeks also consider this herb as a anti-poison and used to massage their foreheads and palms immediately after they bath. The Egyptians used oregano as an preservative which could preserve food for long.

Properties of Marjoram Oil: Fresh, dried leaves and flowering tops of marjoram plants are used to extract its essential oil through steam distillation process. The average yield of marjoram essential oil is around 0.5 to 3%. The major chemical constituents in this oil include: linalool, cis sabinene hydrate, sabinene, alpha terpinene, y-terpinene, linalyl acetate, terpinen-4-ol, y-terpinol, etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Marjoram Oil:

Marjoram Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Analgesic: Marjoram essential oil can help to relieve pains associated with fever, exertion, cold, toothache, muscle ache, inflammation, etc. Unlike the analgesic ointments available in the market this essential oil does not has any known side effects.

Anti Spasmodic: Marjoram essential oil is known to cure almost all spasm related ailments which includes: intestines, muscle spasm, spasm in respiratory tracts, pulls, cramps, etc.

Anaphrodisiac: Another important property of Marjoram oil which makes is valuable is its ability to control and suppress sexual desires. People suffering from extreme sexual urges can make use of this oil.

Anti-septic: This oil also is known to have anti-septic properties and hence effective in treatment of wounds and cuts. It is also used in many anti-septic creams and lotions available in the markets today.

Anti-viral: Other then anti-septic properties, marjoram essential oil also have anti-viral properties which are helpful curing ailments such as, cold, mumps, measles, influenza, etc.

Other therapeutic properties of Marjoram Oil that make it useful are; bactericidal, carminative, cephalic, cordial, diuretic, diaphoretic, digestive, fungicidal, nervine, stomachic,  etc.

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