Rose oil

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Rose Oil

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Rose Oil

The rose blooms in between May to late June, once a year. It is picked by hand and distilled or extracted fresh. One hectare of planting roses gives 3.5 to 5 tons of roses which correspond to about 1 kg of gasoline. With the same amount of flowers are produced 10 times more concrete than oil. Therefore, it is a rare and precious species. The flower water (or hydrosol) is obtained by the distillation process by stripping with steam petals.

The rose is the national emblem of some countries such as England, Finland, and Iraq. The rose has many uses other than decoration; it is found in jewelry, cooking, perfumery, in medicine as an essential oil, hydrosol,

The Rose of Damascus is grown for the production of essential oils or floral water. It is considered the rose the "best performance" among all the roses

The Rose of Damascus is now mainly cultivated in Morocco, Bulgaria and Turkey. It is considered a variety of old roses. Its scent is fresh, flowery, heady and subtle, and we remember the smell of roses from the gardens of our grandmothers.

The damask rose is present in the sink care and anti-aging tonics for normal to dry skin. It is an active ingredient in these creams and lotions and anti-aging moisturizers. It helps fight against depression, grief or anger, irritation and aggression. Thus, it calms both skin and spirit. Rose essential oil is excellent as beauty oil, for skin care and harmonizing for ALL skin types. Rosa damascena skin nourishing action makes it a compliment, in most forms of facials and skin.

According to the producers of rose oil, the flower is a jewel beyond its use smell. It is for this reason used in various pharmaceutical preparations or drinks.

The efficacy of rose essential oil has been proven. This product is used in internal and external use. The gasoline must be diluted in other oils before application. It is ideal for massage and aromatic baths. For skin care, one teaspoon of vegetable oil requires a drop of rose essential oil. It is advisable to warm the product before its application to obtain a smoother texture, thereby impregnating her. The essential oil of rose is not recommended for pregnant or lactating, and children of young ages. It is appropriate to comply with the doses prescribed by the doctor in order to limit the potential risk of allergies.

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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