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Spearmint oil is an age old remedy for many diseases. It is a species of mint found in Europe and Southwest Asia. Since its cultivation has started very early its exact natural range is uncertain. It is generally grown in regions where soil is wet.


Spearmint is a native of Mediterranean area. It is a hard perennial herb and it reaches a height of around 3 feet. It has bright green pierce shaped sharp saw-toothed leaves. Its flower is pin and lilac colored. It is said that the ancient Greeks added spearmint to their bathing water. The oil is extracted via distillation. Colored pale yellow, spearmint oil has various compounds that are chemical in composition.


It has medicinal values and it was used for oral health and gum-care. It was also used to address sexually transmitted diseases. The properties make it a popular ingredient in acne facial toners developed for oily skin. Spearmint oil can be very effective for digestive system issues, a tired mind and infections of the respiratory tract. Spearmint is a good antibacterial and antifungal. Current researches show that certain enzymes present in spearmint may help cure cancer.

How it works

This oil works well for wounds and helps them heal faster. The antiseptic properties are because of the presence of components like menthol, mycrene and carvophyllene. The anti spasmodic property of this oil comes from menthol. This has a soothing effect on the nerves and muscles which help you overcome spasms. This gives effective relief from coughs, aches in the abdomen and intestine. It gives relief for muscle cramps, spasmodic cholera and even nervous convulsions. The spearmint oil has a relaxing effect on the brain too. It helps to cure headaches and stress related neuro- problems.

How it is used

  • Used in drinks and food to taste better
  • As a medicine for even life threatening diseases
  • Uses as cosmetic in creams and lotions

 Spearmint oil is used for flavoring tooth pastes too. It is popularly used in confectionaries and other preparations. Since its effect is less powerful than peppermint, it is better suited for children. It is an effective insecticide.


Spearmint essential oil could cause irritation on the skin. The oil should not be used without diluting as it could provoke a bad reaction. Better to avoid usage of spearmint oil on children below the age of 5. Pregnant women should avoid using the oil on the body. Never use spearmint oil as a bath essence on its own. Never rub the oil as it is over the entire body because the menthol which you feel like a block of ice could be dangerous. Do not use the oil in the night as it could keep you awake.

The medicinal value of Spearmint oil is important and recognized and hence it is used in the production of many medicines. It is also consumed as a part of some food and drinks in different part of the world, irrespective of regions.

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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