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Tagetes Oil

Botanical Name of Tagetes:  Tagetes minuta

Synonyms: Tagetes glandulifera

About Tagetes: Tagetes is an herb which bears orange, golden, yellow or white colour flowers similar to a sunflower and belongs to the same family. This plant is native to North and Latin American regions but now is being cultivated all around the world due to its commercial importance. Typically height of this plant ranges between 0.01 meters to 2.2 meters.  The diameter of its flower heads in between 4 to 6 cm. Many times people also confuse Tagetes which ‘marigolds’, which should be avoided. Marigold is popular name for Calendula and some other species of plants but Tagetes is also sometimes referred to as ‘French Marigold’.

History of Tagetes: There has been a long history related to Tagetes. In the ancient times this plant was mostly known for its ornamental value as it bears beautiful white flowers. But soon therapeutic properties of this plant were discovered and it was being used to cure many ailments. Tagetes is also known to be active ingredient in some of the most ancient perfumes known to mankind. In African countries it historically had been used to guard the house from pests, mosquitoes and flies and was placed right at the main entrance door. Also in this region Tagetes were being used to combat common regional diseases and ailments.

Properties of Tagetes Oil: This essential Oil is extracted from leaves, stalks and flowers of the Tagetes plant through steam distillation process. The major chemical constituents of Tagetes essential oil includes: limonene, valeric acid, ocimene, tagetone, etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Tagetes Oil:

Tagetes Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Anti Biotic: In medical terms Anti Biotic means anything which can rid of any parasites which live on or inside our body and causes harm to it. Bacteria, fungus and protozoa are common forms of such parasites. Tagetes essential oil is known to restrict the growth of any such parasites in out body thus keeping us healthy and free from various ailments.

Anti Microbial: The ailments which are caused by the microbial action inside our body can be treated by use of this oil. These ailments include: cholera, septic, athlete’s foot, tetanus, malaria, skin diseases, dermatitis, etc.

Anti Spasmodic: This essential oil is a relaxant by its nature and is known to provide relief from cramps, diarrhoea, convulsions, etc.

Disinfectant: One of the most primitive and popular uses of this oil has been as a disinfectant. Anti microbial, Anti fungal and anti parasitic properties of Tagetes makes it an excellent disinfectant.
Sedative: This oil is known to sedative inflammations and known useful in treating stress and anxiety.

Other therapeutic properties of Tagetes Oil that make it useful are: Anti septic, insecticide, skincare, treat wounds and burns, etc.

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Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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