Tarragon Oil

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Tarragon Oil

Botanical Name of Tarragon:   Atremisia dracunculus

Synonyms:  estragon, Russian tarragon and little dragon 

About Tarragon: This is a perennial herb which is native to northern regions covering Europe, Central Asia and Western Asia and thrives near rivers or streams. On an average this herb would grow about 130 cms in height and have slender branches. The leaves are about 2 to 8 cm long and 2 to 10 mm wide. Tarragon bears small greenish yellow coloured flowers. This herb is best known for its flavour and therapeutic properties. The two varieties of this herb which are popular include: French Tarragon and Russian Tarragon. Out of the two the French variety is aromatic and flavoursome.

History of Tarragon: The word Tarragon is derived from combination of Latin word ‘dracunculus’, which means ‘little dragon’ and a Arabic word ‘Tharkoum’. This is a long history of Tarragon been used by Greek and Romans in the ancient times. Cultivation of Tarragon known to carried on for past 600 years and traditionally been used in cooking and treating ailments related to digestion, nausea, hiccups, gout, etc. Tarragon leaves have also been used as local herb and to make vinegar.

Properties of Tarragon Oil: The leaves and flowering tops of this herb is used to obtain its essential oil through process of steam distillation. The major chemical constituents of this essential oil include: estragole, methyl chavicol, ocimene, cineole, phillandrene, etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Tarragon Oil:

Tarragon Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Anti Rheumatic: Poor blood circulation and accumulation of toxins is the prime reason for Rheumatic related problems. Tarragon essential oil helps to improve the blood circulation within our body and therefore takes care of at least one of the major causes of Rheumatism.

Aperitif: This property of Tarragon essential oil stimulates secretion of digestive juices to induce proper digestion and hence takes care of many digestion related problems.

Circulatory: Proper blood circulation in the body would help to carry nutrients, oxygen, enzymes and hormones to various body parts which will improve the overall functioning.

Digestive: This has been one of the traditional uses of Tarragon essential oil. Since centuries this oil has been used to improve digestion and treat digestion related ailments. It helps to break our food in smaller nutrients by stimulating peristaltic motion.

Deodorant: The fresh and spicy fragrance of this oil is often also used at deodorant and used to keep the body odour away.

Other therapeutic properties of Tarragon Oil that make it useful are: Emenagogue, Stimulant, Vermifuge, anorexia, dyspepsia, flatulence, infections, etc.

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