Tomar Seed Oil

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Tomar Seed

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Tomar seed oil is used in the making of perfumes of the incense and apothecary categories, the compositions in floral and woody fragrance, floral products in high class markets, colognes with a spicy fragrance as well as forest notes. In aromatherapy and related industries in the manufacture of tobacco related products the Tomar seeds are popularly used.

In treating a range of ailments like cholera, fever and dyspepsia, the bark and seed of the Tomar tree are used in the form a tonic that is aromatic in nature. It is not only the seeds, but the thorns and the fruit that are also considered to be stomachic and carminative in nature traditionally. For treating oral aches, especially in the case of teeth, this medicated oil proves to be perfect remedy.

Tomar Seed Oil - Natural and Pure

This is pure and natural oil that is mainly used in the creation of herbal formulations. The methods used in processing and extracting the oil are extremely hygienic. In the treatment of stress Tomar oil is considered to be highly effective. This oil is an essential a ‘mobile’ type of oil that flaunts a pale yellowish tinge. Zanthoxylum alatum, syn Z. Armatum is contained in the extract which gives it an undertone that is pleasant and sweet and at the same time a spicy and woody kind of aroma.

It also has a green peppery rich and warm display of fragrant undertone. For its qualities that are fixative in nature and its superb tenacity this oil proves to be a boon and is used extensively in many cultures and therapies today. The perfumed smell comes to it naturally and hence proves to be highly effective in aromatic treatments. In compounds of the perfumery kinds the oil of the Tomar seed, which is organically harvested, is utilized. By a process called distillation of steam, this oil is obtained and then further processed.

Tomar Seed Oil as Medicine

The zanthozylum armatum d.c. dried fruit is used in obtaining this oil in fluid form. Due to the pleasant and refreshing odour this essential oil is popularly used in medications of different kinds. Always make sure that the oil product is purchased from a reliable manufacturer who is known for pure and genuine Tomar oil at correct prices. It is not at all difficult to get this oil as it is popularly available in the international market online too.

You can purchase the Tomar seed oil with greatest ease on dedicated sites on the internet at the click of a button and even at the offline stores. This oil can be effectively used for massages for relaxing the mind and offering comfort to emotionally frayed persons. It can also be added to bathing water. With rose, ylang – ylang and lavender absolute it is known to blend in well and offer many alternatives to therapies in aroma based treatments. The oil is a natural boon and now no more restricted to region or geographical boundaries.

Storage: Store in cool and dark place, Keep away from heat and spark

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