Vanilla Oil

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Vanilla Beans

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Vanilla Oil

Botanical Name of Valerian:  Vanilla planifolia

Synonyms:  Vanilla fragrans, common vanilla, Mexican, Bourbon and Reunion vanilla

About Vanilla: Vanilla is something which has gained popularity because of its flavour world over. Vanilla is in fact the second most expensive spice after saffron and is primarily grown in central parts of American continent from where is has spread to other tropical climates. Apart from Central America, Madagascar is known to produce bulk quantities of vanilla. It grows as a vine and climbs up a support which can be in form of another tree or a pole. Its flavouring compounds are found in its fruits.

History of Vanilla: World was completely unknown to vanilla till Columbus discovered it on the Gulf coast of Mexico in the 16th century. Spanish and other Portuguese sailors bought vanilla to Africa and Asia later in the century from Mexico. Until middle of 19th century Mexico was the only commercial producer of Vanilla. It was then the French discovered pollination of vanilla flowers by hand and started its cultivation in tropical region of Madagascar. By end of 19th century Madagascar accounted for more than 80% of its total production. In the year 2004 the prices of Vanilla touched $500 per kg mark as a result of destruction of its crop. Usually the prices for this commodity remain in region of $20 to $40 per kg.

Properties of Vanilla Oil: The vanilla essential oil in form of resinoid is extracted from vanilla beans through solvent extraction method. The major chemical constituents of this essential oil include: vanillin,  eugenol, caproic acid, acetaldehyde, acetic acid, hexonoic acid, 2 methylpropanoic acid, etc.

Health Benefits and Applications Vanilla Oil:

Vanilla Oil is known to have number of benefits, some of the important ones include:

Anti Oxidant: oxidation is the main cause behind most of the problems and ailments that we suffer today. Anti oxidation properties of this essential oil can help in a long way in reducing the level of oxidation and thus keeping us healthy and free from infections.

Aphrodisiac: Patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, impotency, loss of libido can benefit from use of vanilla essential oil as it secretes certain hormones which induces normal sexual behaviour.

Anti carcinogenic: The presence of anti oxidants in this oil helps to check growth of certain cancerous cells in our body and thereby providing relief from certain type of cancers.

Febrifuge: The presence of vanillin and eugenol in this oil works on reducing the fever and inflammations (due to fever) in our body.

Anti Depressant: It has such a pleasing scent and flavourer that it makes people cheers up and be happy. Normally when someone is depressed they can just have vanilla flavoured ice cream and experience uplift in their mood.

Other therapeutic properties of Vanilla Oil that make it useful are: Sedative, relaxing, tranquilizing, regularise menstruation, etc.

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